What if
it was possibile
to forcast
financial markets?

The financial markets repeats movements already seen in past.

You can apply seasonal analyses on all financial instruments.

What is the Forecaster?

The Forecaster is a software that allows you to calculate seasonality on all financial markets around the world. You can choose the financial instrument on which to perform the calculations, directly from the search window on the site.

Simply type in the first letters of the instrument you are interested in, and all instruments containing those letters will appear. If we wanted to search for Microsoft stock, we would just type 'micro' to see Microsoft appear, but also all the other instruments that contain those letters.

5 Years graph

Once you click on the desired instrument, the instrument chart will appear.By default the five-year seasonality will be shown. Clicking on the icon in the top left-hand corner will open a drop-down menu from which it will be possible to activate all other seasonalities available on that instrument.

Once the seasonalities we are interested in have been selected, they will appear, in different colours, on the graph.

Three Averages
Monthly and Weekly Statistics

Below the graph,you can find monthly statistics for the selected seasonality as well as statistics for individual days of the week.

At this point, it is also possible to choose a specific period by selecting it on the graph.This step makes it possible to check that seasonality over a specific period is not a coincidence, but has occurred consistently over the years.

Three Averages
Monthly and Weekly Statistics

Once a specific period is selected,the weekly statistics are updated, and the statistics of a possible trade (up or down) for that specific period appear. The software also reports statistics for each individual year for the selected period.

You can temporarily switch the seasonality on or off on the graph by clicking on the relevant seasonality at the top of the graph.This will allow the time series to be analysed quickly.

Three Averages

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